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  1. Before cutting your pieces out of plastic you should cut a sample piece out of heavy paper or plastic, maybe even cutting several pieces and taping them together to form the final layout. Then put this over your piece, mark it, cut it out.

  2. Before gluing any plastic make sure your glue is compatible with the plastic by testing it on a sample piece.

  3. If there are resin molded pieces in your cockpit interior you can lighten them up by drilling them full of holes before you glue them in place.

  4. For knobs and levers you can use various pins from your local sewing shop.  Using different style pics for the levers you can also cover the pins with paper or wood to simulate the real levers.

  5. Before starting any cockpit interior you should purchase literature on the airplane and study the interior so you know which colors to paint and where the various switches and levers are.  Also you will want to know what kinds of switches and levers there are.

  6. If your kit has aliminum pieces in it that you have to cut, you should insert a piece of wood inside before you cut or back it up with a piece of wood.

  7. When you are putting an interior into a flying plane you need to make sure that it is braced and glued securely so that the vibration will not crack it apart.  You may even consider using flexible glue such as silicone.

  8. When you are doing an interior you cannot put the floor in a scale location.  Put the floor as low as you can and then cut off the bottom so the side walls and such still give it a scale appearance.

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