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Plastic and Wood Older Antique Airplanes

We have aquired the following vintage kits, please call 815-856-2272 or email dbalsa1@gmail.com with questions, or for prices.
Aeronca G-7 Cavacraft
Aeroworks 46-60 x 260 Free Style
Al Williams F3F Grumman, 16" span, kit SC-1
Bell P-39 Airacobra Cobra II, 13" span, Kit PS-17
Berkley AT6 31" Span
Black Hawk Models 1930's Military Racer, 18" span
Black Hawk Models Big Tex Reno Pylon Racer, 18" span
Black Hawk Models F4F Wilcat, 24 1/2" span kit CLP-1S
Black Hawk Models Fokker DV II AC700
Black Hawk Models Fokker DVII
Black Hawk Models Perky 18" Fokker D-7 Stearman
Black Hawk Models PT-19 kit PS1000
Carl Goldberg P-40 Flying Tiger Stunter 43" span, kit 34
Cavacraft British S.E.5. DH-1
Cavacraft Fokker D-7 DH-1
Chris Craft Hornet, Kit 535-195
Comet Combat Series British Sopwith RTF
Comet Curtiss Jenny Kit JN4-D
Comet Taylor Craft
Dave Platt T-28B 65" span, Kit RC-2
Dumas Aircraft Mister Mulligan, kit 303
Easy Built Models Fairchild Trainer PT-19, 35" span, Kit FF06
Easy Built Models P-51 North American, 28" span, Kit FF66
F. Model Combo: P-47 21.28" #40, #41 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden Jack, 17/71"
F7F-3 Grumman Tigercat Twin Engine Kit 23
Flying Models SPAD SX111, 16" span
Great Plane Line Model Floats
Great Planes P-51D Mustang, GPMA0175
Guillows BF-109 Span, kit 401
Guillows F6F Hellcat US NavyWW2, 16 1/2" span, rubber powered
Guillows Focke-Wulf FW190, 16 1/2" span
Guillows French SPAD Rubber Powered Plastic
Guillows French Spad, plastic kit 102
Guillows Grumman TBF Avender US Navy WW2, Rubber powered
Guillows Hawker MK-1 Hurricane, Rubber Powered 16 1/2" span
Guillows JU87B Stuka, 34 1/2" span, kit 1002
Guillows Mitsubisi Zero, 27 3/4" span, Kit 404
Guillows Nieuport 28 WW2
Guillows P-40 Warhawk, 16 1/2" span, Kit S01
Guillows P-47D Thunderbolt, 30 3/4" span, Kit 1001, qty 2
Guillows P-51 North American 27 3/4" span, kit 402
Guillows PT-17 Stearman Pilot Trainer, 28" span, kit 803
Guillows SBD-3 Dauntless, kit 1003
Guillows Sopwith Camel, kit 801
Guillows Stuka Plastic Dive Bomber, Kit 508, 16 1/2" Span
Herr Engingeering AT6 Texan, 30" Span
Jetco F-51H Mustang, 30 3/4" Span
Keith Storey "KEY", 29" span
Lindberg R/C Twin Engine Drive System for Boats, NO. 8000
Midwest P-51 Mustang, kit 251, 20 1/2" span
Midwest P-63 King Cobra, 33" Span, Kit 243
Model Merchang Ryan St-A 1/2 A-10, 38" Span, Kit 107
Modern Controline Stunter Hurricane, 52" span
Monogram P-38 Lighting WWII Twin Boom Fighter/Plastic
Mud Duck 990408-3
Nats Models Bob Whitneys Shoestring 2000, 58" span
Orline R/C Fokker DVII, 72" OL781
S.E.5. A R/C-13
Shive Specialties
Sig Mustang Stunter, CL-21, Mike Gretz
Sig P-40 Warhawk Kwik Bilt, Kit KBCL-2
Sterling Models Beginners Fokker D-7, 20 1/2 " span
Sterling Models Beginners Mustang, 20 1/2 span
Sterling Models Beginners Spitfire, 20 1/2 span, kit S3/4
Sterling Models Beginners Thunderbolt, 20 1/2" span
Sterling Models British S.E.5. 32" span, kit C6, qty 2
Sterling Models F6F Hellcat, 42" span, kit S46
Sterling Models Flying Fool, 34" Span Kit S12
Sterling Models Fokker D-7 24" Span, Kit A1
Sterling Models Fokker D-7, 34" span, CB-785
Sterling Models Great Lakes Trainer, 36" span, kit C13
Sterling Models Hal Krier's Great Lakes kit, 24" span, Kit A24
Sterling Models Hal Kriers Great Lakes Special, 24" span
Sterling Models Lockheed P-38 Lightning, 36" span, kit S-17, qty 2
Sterling Models ME-109-G Messerschmitt, 17" span, kit A8
Sterling Models Monocoupe, 35" span, kit C1
Sterling Models Mr. Mulligan, 32" span, kit C3
Sterling Models Nieuport 28, 33" Span
Sterling Models P-51D Mustang, 38" span, kit S2
Sterling Models Piper Super Cub, 18" span, kit A7
Sterling Models Piper Tracer, 58 3/4 span, kit FS1
Sterling Models PT-17 Stearman, Kit C12
Sterling Models Ringmaster, 42" Span, Kit S1
Sterling Models Seamaid 20, 27" Span
Sterling Models Spad XIII, 24" span
Sterling Models Spad, 24" span, Kit A21-398
Sterling Models Super Ringmaster, 42" Span, Kit S6
Sterling Models Supermarine Spitfire, 52 1/2 " span
Sterling Models, Albatrus DII-A, Span 27 3/4", Kit E9
Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane, TOPA0300
Top Flite Corsair Kit, Red Bo Corsair 61" Span
Top Flite Headmaster, 48" kit RC11
Top Flite P-40 Warhawk, 60"
Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt
Top Flite P-47N Republic 27" Span, Kit S2
Top Flite P51B Mustang Conversion Kit
Twister Control Line Profile Stunter, Sig, 48" span
Veco Products Thunderbolt, 56" span
Victor Stanzel Great Lakes Line Baby Shark 34"
Victor Stanzel Tiger Shark, 36" span
Williams Brothers Gee Bee R-1 Racer 1/32 Plastic, Kit 32-711
Zagi Twin 33" Floats, Trick R/C Kit XTZGT402, qty 2