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We have aquired the Pink-It line of products!
Click here to see the line of pinking tapes.


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Click here for Pictures and full instructions and build info for our cockpit kits! 

Get your instructions here, CD's will no longer be included in the kits.

Click here for a list of vintage and antique kits for sale!

Click here is a BIG list of planes, engines, and accessories for sale at the Hobby Shop. 

 Top Gun Aircraft line of jets is now available from Rick Jacobson

Contact:  [email protected]

 Dynamic Balsa has acquired the rights to the Top Gun Aircraft line of Jets and Warbird airplane kits, including the Mig-29, F-15 and Interceptor, Perfect for the new larger EDF power plants and smaller turbines,  and the big turbine-powered 1/6 scale F-16.   

New Items:

Wicker Seats

Fuel Doors


Dummy Bomb Kits & Releases

Warbird Pilots

J-3 CUB Valve Covers in 1/4 & 1/3 scale

Norden Bombsite Kit  -  1/6 thru 1/10 scale

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Our Hobby Shop is Open in Downtown Leonore, IL!!!

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Hours: M-F 2-6, Saturday 9-4, Closed Sunday

We carry many different Manufacturers of R/C Products


* Bates 1/3.5 Scale P-40

* Bates 1/4 Scale Sea Fury

* Bates 1/4 Scale SBD Dauntless

* Vailly & Bates Sea Fury

* Don Smith F4U Corsair 1/5 scale

* H9 Spitfire 30cc arf

* ESM Bearcat 72" arf

* ESM Typhoon 1.7  30cc arf

* Ziroli Bearcat

* ESM Mig 3 50cc arf

* ESM Corsair 50cc arf

* ESM Spitfire 50cc arf

Vailly Hurricane

H9 P47 Bubble canopy 30cc arf

Seagull 72" Zero

* Ziroli Panther

* ESM Spitfire 88"

* P-47 Comp Arf

* Ziroli Zero 91"


* 1/3 scale D-VII, D-VIII, and DR-1 WWI cockpits

** Don Smith 1/4 scale P-47

Looking for something different to fly?

We are overflowing with airplanes! We trade, buy, sell airplanes, and RC Cars

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Equipment for sale:

36" Belt Sander $6999

Jet Shaper, like new $499

Davis Table Saw 12" $399

Prices on cart do NOT Include Shipping!  Actual shipping will be added when shipped.

We are the proud owners of SEE TEMP Templates and Sanding Products.

Click HERE to view products.

We have nylon seat belt material!  5 sizes to fit any scale!

Click here for info.

We have Scale Gauges for sale
Need a plane built or a cockpit finished?

Try SCR Models building services

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We carry Aluminum,  Fiberglass, and Phenolic sheets.


Pilot Projects - Installations by our customers

We are looking for pictures of completed / installed Dynamic Balsa Interiors.
Please e-mail pictures to us if you want your cockpit shown on our web site!

Looking for Foam Wings? Go to Eureka Aircraft Company!!