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P61 Cockpit Kit
Installation by James Brown

proj1-01.jpg proj1-02.jpg proj1-03.jpg proj1-04.jpg proj1-05.jpg proj1-06.jpg proj1-07.jpg proj1-08.jpg proj1-09.jpg proj1-10.jpg proj1-11.jpg proj1-12.jpg proj1-13.jpg proj1-14.jpg proj1-15.jpg proj1-16.jpg proj1-17.jpg proj1-18.jpg proj1-19.jpg proj1-20.jpg

Hi Brian!

First of all, thank you for the seat backs. As you can see in the included pics I have already used them!

Pics show what I did with your kit and I must say that you have done a great job with it. It's a very tough bird to work with. All sub assemblies are just resting against each other and won't be glued in until after I glass the bird and finish it. There are still a few wires, hoses, and doo-hickeys to put in but it is 95% done.

You can see what I did in the sequence shots to open up the interior of the fuse by cutting out cross-members, and cutting down bulkhead widths. I became concerned for structure safety as this sections takes all of the landing impact on the nose gear. You can see that I have added hardwood to the ledge of the cockpit, as well as 1/4 square hardwood diagonal braces in the side. I also added a hardwood 1/4 x 1/2 frame back from the gear rails to the rear bulkhead. Then I added a 1/8" ply floor. Some of this squeezed the overall width down about 1/2". It's obvious how much the gear assembly and retract cylinder pushed into the pilot's location. (Need to find a very bow-legged pilot to wrap his legs around the gear box to get at the rudder-pedal!) I had to move the dash off center a little to save all of the instruments and then shaved down the left side of the dash to fit. I haven't finished the dash hood yet or fit it to the windshield - but I'll do that when I complete it. The gun-sight is done but doesn't show in the pics - yet! The extra "dial" in the top center of the dash is the pneumatic landing gear's pressure indicator: seemed to be a good place to put it and I'll be able to see the graduated pressure piston sticking out through the windows.

Have a good one and thanks again.

Jim Brown, [email protected]

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