Accessories for Foamies

If you would like to order these items please give us a call to order.

BLH3002Theory W Type Replacement Wing Set$39.99
BLH8610Chroma Main Frame$44.99
DIDA3065Voyage Micro Main Wing$16.99
DIDA3066Stinson Voyager EP RTF Fuse Set$17.99
EFL1008005Yak 54 Left Side Stab$6.99
EFL1045004Cub C-Z Stab Set$29.99
EFL1045005Cub C-Z Rudder w/Tail Gear (4)$15.99
EFL1055004Yak 54 C-Z Stab Set$29.99
EFL108003Ultimate Bottom Wing Set$72.99
EFL108004Ultimate Horiz. Stab$19.99
EFL108005Ultimate Rudder$19.99
EFL108007Ultimate Landing Gear Set (2)$29.99
EFL108009Ultimate Strut Set$19.99
EFL11016Convergence FPV Canopy$17.99
EFL11018Convergence Bottom Hatch$17.99
EFL11111Optera Wing Set (2)$17.99
EFL1212Rare Bear Canopy Complete (3)$17.99
EFL1220Rare Bare Wing Set w/Servo Covers (8)$44.99
EFL1225Rare Bear Painted Horiz. Stab Set (5)$19.99
EFL1267Rare Bear Fuse$64.99
EFL1303Carbon Z Cowl$29.99
EFL1404Cessna 150 C-Z Horz. Tail Set (2)$29.99
EFL1405Cessna 150 Rudder C-Z (3)$19.99
EFL1406Cessna 150 C-Z Cowl (2)$15.99
EFL1407Cessna 150 Battery Hatch (2)$19.99
EFL1408Cessna 150 C-Z MainLandingGear w/Axle$19.99
EFL1415Cessna 150 Nose Gear Strut (6)$19.99
EFL1416Cessna 150 C-Z Wheel Pant Set$13.99
EFL1417Cessna 150 C-Z Top Hatch (5)$12.99
EFL2154Tribute FX Canopy Hatch$5.99
EFL3402UMX J-3 Wing with Struts$23.99
EFL4228Commander MPB 1.4m Rudder/Hardware$13.99
EFL4828Commander Rudder & Hardware MPD1.4 (2)$13.99
EFL4828Commander MPB 1.4m Horiz. Tail L/R$13.99
EFL5255Timber Leading Edge Slats (3)$15.99
EFL5259Timber Horiz. Stab Complete$19.99
EFL5269Timber Horz. Stab with Tube$19.99
EFL625001Edge 54 QQ 280 BNF Fuse Basic$43.96
EFL6725P-51 D Horiz. Stab$28.99
EFL6904Brave Battery Hatch$4.99
EFL6905Brave Cowl with Screws$9.99
EFL8320T-28 Horizontal Tail  (4)$19.99
EFL9059UM 4-Site Wing$15.99
EFL90604-Site Tail$12.99
EFLU1070UMX Extra 300 3D Replacement Airframe$79.99
EFLU1125Carbon Cub SS UMX Complete Tail (2)$12.99
EFLU1660Mig 15 UMX Tail Set$21.99
EFLU25006Fury DF15 Fuse Hatch$19.99
EFLU2858F-16 Fuse with Accessories$27.99
EFLU2859F-16 UMX Wing Set /Missile Rails$31.99
EFLU2860F-16 UMX Tail Set Complete$21.99
EFLU2925Radian UM Tail Set$10.99
EFLU3020PT-17 Wing Set, Top and Bottom (2)$25.99
EFLU3025PT-17 UMX Complete Tail w/Access.  (2)$19.99
EFLU3067PT-17 UMX Fuse$27.99
EFLU3258UMX P-47 Fuse$29.99
EFLU3259P-47 BL UMX Main / with Accessories (2)$29.99
EFLU3260P-47 BL UMX Tail Set Complete (2)$17.99
EFLU3601F4F Wildcat Wing$29.99
EFLU3602F4f Wildcat Fuse$29.99
EFLU3603F4F Wildcat UMX Tail Set (4)$17.99
EFLU3701A-10 UMX Main Wing$29.99
EFLU3702A-10 BL Fuse with Accessories$29.99
EFLU3704A-10 BL UMX Tail Set (2)$23.99
EFLU4059Beast UMX Wing Set (2)$15.99
EFLU4060Beast UMX Complete Tail (2)$12.99
EFLU4063UMX Beast Canopy Hatch (2)$5.99
EFLU4159Sbach 342 UMX Wing (2)$24.99
EFLU4160Sbach 342 UMX Tail Set (2)$15.99
EFLU4358Habu S Fuse$28.99
EFLU4359Habgu S Main Wing$29.99
EFLU4360Habu S UMX Tail Set$19.99
EFLU4559Gee Bee Wing$24.99
EFLU4560Gee Bee R2 Horiz. Tail with Access.$15.99
EFLU5025Yak 54 Tail Set$13.99
EFLU5057P3 Revolution Fuse$31.99
EFLU5060Revoltion P3 UMX Tail Set$21.99
EFLU5062Revolution P3 UMX Battery Hatch (2)$5.99
EFLU5170UMX AS3Xtra Replacement Airframe$59.99
EFLU5258Pitts Fuse w/Canopy Hatch$26.99
EFLU5259UMX Pitts S-1S Wing Set$25.99
EFLU5260Pitts S-1S UMX Tail with Access. (2)$17.99
EFLU5260Pitts S-1S UMX Tail with Accessories (2)$17.99
EFLU5269UMX Pitts Wing Set$25.99
EFLU5310B-17G UMX Tail Set$15.99
EFLU5351UMX Waco Fuse$26.99
EFLU5353Waco UMX Tail Set (4)$19.99
EFLU5356Waco UMX Landing Gear$13.49
EFLU6620Vapor FPV Main Wing$19.99
EFLU6624Vapor FPV Horz. Stab$14.99
EFLU9058Ultra Micro 4-Site Fuse$19.99
EFLZ97504Hurricane 25E Tail Set$36.99
FLZA6293Corsair Horz. Stab$10.99
FLZA6502P-38 Micro Tail Set (2)$7.99
HAN42053D Twist 60 ARF Hanger 9$15.99
HAN4706Frenzy Canopy Hanger 9$14.99
HAN510005P-51 8 cc Tail Set$33.99
HBX5425Champ S Tail Set$14.99
HBZ4420Sport Cub S Wing  (2)$25.99
HBZ4431Sport Cub S Tail Set (2)$16.99
HBZ4467Sport Cub S Bare Fuse (3)$25.99
HBZ4920Champ Main Wing (10 sets)$11.99
HBZ4931Champ Complete Tail (2)$7.99
HBZ4952Champ Fuse with Electronics$62.99
HBZ4967Champ Fuse (4)$11.99
HBZ5325Duet Complete Tail set  (3)$4.99
HBZ7390Super Cub S Float Set$24.99
HBZ7720Firebird Stratos Stab set (2)$30.99
HBZ7725Firebird Stratos Stablizer (2)$11.99
FLZA6153Base Module ItCanFly Uberlite$49.99
PKZ3120Citabria Micro Main Wing (2)$8.99
PKZ3220Ember Main Wing$8.99
PKZ3224Ember Complete Tail (3)$8.99
PKZ3320Vapor Main Wing (3)$14.99
PKZ3324Vapor Horizontal Stab (4)$8.99
PKZ3325Vapor Rudder (2)$5.99
PKZ3367Vapor Fuse$19.99
PKZ3467Ember 2 Fuse$19.99
PKZ3520Sukoi Wing with Aileons (2)$14.99
PKZ3524Sukhoi Complete Tail$8.99
PKZ3567Sukoi Fuse (2)$24.99
PKZ3625P-51 UM Complete Tail$9.99
PKZ3920J-3 UM Wing (2)$9.99
PKZ3920UM J-3 Wing$9.99
PKZ3924J-3 UM Complete Tail (2)$7.99
PKZ3967UM J-3 Fuse (2)$19.99
PKZ5506SE5A Horizontal Tail$13.99
PKZ5620F27 Q Complete Tail$14.99
PKZ5712Spitfire MK 1X Stab Complete (2)$17.99
PKZ5812Icon A5 Horizontal Tail (2)$19.99
PKZ5903Albatros Landing Gear (2)$17.99
PKZ5906Albatros Horizontal Stab$17.99
PKZ6124Archer Vertical Stab (3)$13.99
PKZ6125Archer Horizontal Stab (3)$13.99
PKZ6320Mosquito Horizontal Stab$17.99
PKZ6325Mosquito Painted Wing$45.98
PKZ6804Sport Cub Vertical & Horiz. Stab (3)$31.99
PKZ6820Sport Cub Main Wing$54.99
PKZU1020SU-26 XP Main Wing w/ Aliersons$14.99
PKZU1024SU26XP Complete Tail w/Access. (3)$8.99
PKZU1120Vapor Night Main Wing (2)$16.99
PKZU1124Night Vapor Horizontal Stab$8.99
PKZU1125Night Vapor Rudder (3)$5.99
PKZU1220Vapor Mini Wing (4)$15.99
PKZU1224Vapor Mini Horizontal Stab  (5)$9.99
PKZU1225Vapor Mini Rudder  (5)$5.49
PKZU1267Vapor Mini Fuse$23.99
PKZU1310Mosquito Tail Set$9.99
PKZU1311Mosquito Nacelle Set (2)$14.99
PKZU1420Polecat UM Main Wing$17.99
PKZU1425Polecat Complete Tail (4)$8.99
PKZU1520T-28 UM Main Wing Bally Pan (2)$14.99
PKZU1525T-28 Tail Set  (5)$9.99
PKZU1620F4U Corsair Wing Belly Pan Complete (2)$15.99
PKZU1625Corsair Complete Tail Set (4)$15.99
PKZU1667F4U Corsair Fuse with Canopy (2)$9.99
PKZU1920P-40 Micro Main Wing$14.99
PKZU1925P-40 UM Complete Tail Set (2)$15.99
PKZU2120Spitfire MK 1X Main Wing (2)$9.99
PKZU2125Spitfire MK 1X UMX Complete Tail (3)$15.99
PKZU2167Spitfire Micro MK 1X Fuse w/Canopy (2)$9.99
PKZU2305Icon A5 Ultra Micro Canopy/Hatch (3)$14.99
PKZU2320Icon A5 Main Wing$6.99
PKZU2325Icon A5 UM Complete Tail (2)$29.99
PKZU2367Icon A5 UM Fuse Complete$14.99
 P-51 Wing with Servos$34.99
 P-51 UMX BL Tail Set$14.99

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