Project 3

Hurricane Cockpit with Sailor Malan Pilot by Paul Buckrell

Attached are some photos of Brian’s cockpit and Lyle’s Sailor Malan pilot installed in my Hurricane. I’ve been working on this off and on for about three weeks since getting home from the USA and am pleased with the result.  The camera isn’t kind in close up sometimes.

The reference photos I have of the Hurricane interior have all the tubing in British cockpit interior green (Humbrol matt 78) so I went that way rather than painting the tubing silver.  I weathered some surfaces with silver paint to simulate scuffing and  dirtied up the interior using Dark Dirt Promodeller wash. 

The instruments in the front panel are not the one’s provided by Brian, they had been created in CorelDraw by a friend of mine for his Spitfire and I just resized  and repositioned them for my project.  The compass in particular is the British type. 

You can see that I installed Mick Reeves’ brass canopy rails. They are glued to the top lip of the cockpit with JB Weld because if I had put them beneath the lip the canopy was too short.  This way the canopy fits just right for the 2mm screws in the canopy to engage in the rails.

With the cockpit installed I can now press ahead  and install the Sullivan Gold N Rods for pull-pull rudder control and position the servo for the tail wheel control.  I hope I never have to access the elevator servo because it is behind the pilot seat connected to an 8mm OD  carbon fiber tube back to the elevator horn that is inside the fin post.  Let’s hope JR reliability holds true.


Paul Buckrell

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